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What training clients are saying


“Amazing instructor. Engaging. Funny, relevant, updated info. Taught actual skills, and not just theory.”

“Broad knowledge, impeccable credentials, and memorable teaching skills. A mentor for everyone!”


““It was evident almost immediately how skilled Denise is at mediating.  She also was able to convey material in an interesting way, which was easily understood.  I would love to have her mediate for my cases!”

“Excellent mastery of the subject . . .. Excellent presentation skill.”

“Ms. Madigan marries [ ] theory and practice to make the discussion and her audience enthusiastic.  She is an excellent presenter utilizing great examples . . .. I learned a lot from her experience.”

“Amazing instructor. Quick witted and not thrown off by anything.”


“Well-prepared, knowledgeable, and extremely perceptive.” 

“Excellent facilitator. Lots of knowledge . . .. [L]oved the real stories and perspective. Kept me wanting more.

I was never bored. Denise kept me interested and excited to be here.”


“Refreshingly honest & funny – sincere in teaching.

Thank you . . . for all the 'seeds of wisdom' imparted in the conference!”

“Another wow! I love everything about your teaching style . . ..

You adeptly weave experience, humor and wisdom into the lessons.

You make us feel like even our mistakes are just that, nothing more and great to learn from.”


“The best addition was her specifics in handling scenarios we all see but don’t know how to deal with,

i.e. breaking the impasse.”

“As a woman, it was extremely valuable to have her instruction and to observe her style. 

She is a good role model.”

“Fabulous–depth of knowledge, expertise only exceeded by [her] passion for the subject matter.”

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